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Girl Child Prestige

Raised : Rs.3,94,425 / Rs.5,00,000

Provided basic sanitary needs and initiated work and education programmes for girls bringing about an attitude change in parents and promoting equality.

Pan India School Health Program

Raised : Rs.4,34,425 / Rs.10,00,000

4,765 children have benefitted from the Smile On Wheels health campaign providing free health supplies, blood banks and health checkups to remote rural areas.

Rural Child Education

Raised : Rs.38,420 / Rs.5,00,000

Already functional in 23 states, organised teacher training programs and outsourced study material to 32,000 children nationwide.

Vaapsi- Restoring lives

Raised : Rs.4,04,925 / Rs.10,00,000

After the Bihar floods in 2008, we the villagers helped in rebuilding their homes and helping them stand back up on their feet.

Well works wonders

Raised : Rs. 80,000 / Rs.1,00,000

Actively helping every village get access by building better irrigation sytems and waterworks for their livelihoods and farmers.

Khel Pragati

Raised : Rs. 2,34,425 / Rs.3,00,000

Helping rural kids believe in their passion and talent for sports and encourage them to persue it by providing adequate equipments and mentorship.

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